American Democracy is still King in the Ring but this Election was Rigged

Notwithstanding the millions of Black voters especially women who refused to sit this election out, and deserve a lot of credit for a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris victory, I give most of the victory credit to a ruthless, rigged right punch.

Yes, our 2020 presidential election was rigged thanks to President Trump’s inept mishandling of a pandemic. Thank God.

On November 3, 2020, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. stepped into the ring against President Donald J. Trump. But those who watched this metaphorical boxing match unfold will never forget the ruthless right punch that changed everything: COVID-19.

Think about it: More than 270,000 have died from the Coronavirus. And all the shenanigans that were on full display throughout the Trump presidency, he still managed to get more than 74 million Americans to look the other way and sign up for four more years of what many have described as a “Crime syndicate.”

November 3, 2020, democrats, republicans, and independents all gathered around their TVs as they imagined that unmistakable call from American ring announcer Michael Buffer: “Let’s get ready to rumble”!

And before we knew it, it was all over but the crying, celebrating, ridiculous false claims of “Rigged” and analyzing.

On November 28, 2020, an article in The Washington Post titled: “20 Days of fantasy and failure: Inside Trumps Quest to overturn the election” gave a near-perfect but truly pathetic blow by blow recap/analysis of the match.

Coincidentally, on the same day of the published article, boxing fans watched an eerily similar undercard boxing match, when YouTuber, Jake Paul caught former NBA player, Nate Robinson with a mean right punch in the second round. “And down goes Frasier!” … I mean Trump… I mean Robinson…

Democracy is still King in the ring, despite the fact, too many democrats doubted its power. Not 233 years of an undefeated record nor wisdom from former President Barack Obama could shake their feelings of what if…

From President Trump’s bully fortress headquarters aka his Twitter account, democracy laughed at Trump’s attempt(s) to dethrone American democracy. Knowing full well THIS president tried to get away without telling us what was under his MAGA hat, democracy used a fight strategy established by our founding fathers centuries ago.

President Trump really had no chance.

Equally pathetic to Trump’s unwillingness to accept defeat was the republican leaders and Trump supporters who cheered on Trump for the last four years. With their hypocrisy coldcocked by their cowardice, they should have known better.

They refused to take a stand against Trump’s immoral, unpatriotic, and unlawful acts, including the history-rich, sad practice of voter suppression against Black voters. Meanwhile, they stood by Trump in an unbelievable claim that the match was rigged.

I was relieved when former Vice President Joe Biden announced that he was running for the presidency of the United States. I just was not impressed with the field of democrats before he entered the race.

Though I voted for Barack Obama twice, my objections to the field might have been because I have always voted for a republican presidential candidate.

I have been a republican since 1982 and that will not change despite the fact, I view today’s republican “leaders” as a spineless bunch of hypocrites and cowards. And yes, I am ashamed to admit, I am the most embarrassed republican in America.

Why did I become a republican? The short answer: a rude democrat. (I have heard the same being said of republicans so back off)

Anyway, a young man approached me in 1982 and asked if I was a registered voter? I answered, “no.”

In his pitch, the young man assured me of how simple it was to register including the fact, he offered to drop my registration card in the mail along with a stack of other cards he showed me that were completed. He checked my form and noticed that I checked the box for “Republican” and tried to get me to change to “Democrat.”

Well… defensive me refused; not knowing what it meant to be a democrat or a republican back then. I only knew my father was a democrat and I did not want to become one just because he was a democrat. Since the young man could not get me to change my selection, he told me to mail my registration card myself as he handed it back to me and walked off in frustration.

After that exchange, I went home and straight to the dictionary to look up the definition of both words. I discovered my beliefs were more conservative than liberal. Oh, did I mention that I am a Black, crippled (never able to walk) homosexual? I know, I know, republicans have called me a liar too.

When I heard Senator Kamala Harris was running for president, I recalled the 2016 presidential election like it was yesterday. I looked at my ballot and scrolled right past voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton down to senator of California. I eagerly selected Harris to be one of my state’s senators.

In past elections, I voted for Kamala Harris for District Attorney in San Francisco. I voted for Kamala Harris for Attorney General of California. And I could not wait to vote for Kamala Harris to replace the retiring Barbra Boxer as the California junior senator. And I am double-proud to say, I was homeless when I cast my vote for Harris in 2016.

But president? Hold the phone. I never got there, though I am a fan of this politician.

My first tweet of support was for a Biden/Booker ticket. Of course, this was before Biden promised to select a woman running mate. I also recall wavering after I checked out Michael Bloomberg’s website… after I was unimpressed by some of the early debates.

But before South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn’s “He knows us” endorsement of Biden and the increasing growing fears of the Coronavirus appeared; I was sold on Joe Biden as the best man… I mean, candidate for the job.

The coronavirus was wreaking havoc over the whole world. And Congress stepped up and passed the “Cares Act.” But I smelled a rat. So, I took my entire $1,200.00 COVID relief check and sent it to the Joe Biden campaign. This was the first time I had ever given to a politician’s campaign. And yes, people showed me no mercy with criticism of my donation.

But I have this one nagging thought on math: President Trump received more than 74 million votes versus Joe Biden’s 81 million votes. After all that we endured under the four years of the Donald J. Trump presidency, it looks as though Trump’s mishandling of a deadly pandemic saved our democracy, as I see it.

I am confident we will be safe under a President Joe Biden. But if we do not use the Biden presidency as a time to correct the many holes in our form of government, American democracy will hit the canvas hard like… well… I will not say his name.

But the lesson we all should never forget here? This election was rigged by a deadly pandemic that is still stealing the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

And if we all do not push for the Joe Biden presidency to address and plug the loopholes in our democracy that has allowed our top executive to run roughshod through our laws, not even a ruthless pandemic will save American democracy from being KO’d.


1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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