Boko Haram can be defeated by #BOYCOTT”AFRICANAMERICAN.” No, really.

In July of 2013 (I think) I first heard of Boko Haram. It burned down a school for boys, attacking and killing 50 boys, including those escaping the fire. I wondered why more was not made of this heinous act in the press.

Then, I took the matter to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission later that year –not even knowing how to pronounce the name Boko Haram. What did I discover? The SF Human Rights Commission is more concerned with upholding political correctness in America for Blacks then fighting against African oppression. (Long story for another time)

Anyway, the way to defeat Boko Haram is for Black Americans to boycott the political correct term of, “African American” when referring to Black Americans in protest of Boko Haram’s evil. What’s more important to a Black person, being enslaved to a political correct term or freeing of Nigerian girls and boys from the threat of super evil?

The article: “Is there a way to defeat Boko Haram,” I highlighted a paragraph that said the Nigerian government was taken by surprise when Boko Haram kidnapped the 300 or so girls in 2014.

If a campaign spearheaded by American Blacks who are so proud of the term, African American were willing to boycott the term for the purpose of disgust of Boko Haram burning down of the school where 50 boys were murdered, it would have shined a light on Boko Haram to where the government of Nigeria would have been placed on high alert to protect all children of Nigeria.

But 99% of American Blacks who by the way have no real cultural connection to Africa, are too politically correct to give a Hoover Dam about the plight of African children to shine a light on the evil(s) of Africa.

Therefore, unless Black America wakes up and shows they have real African pride by saying there is something more important than political correctness, you can expect continued Boko Haram “Surprise” tragedies.

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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