Does Voting Matter to Black Lives Matter?

According to the Black Lives Matter website, they do not believe much can be accomplished by way of the “Ballot box.” That did not prevent the movement from protesting at Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential rallies all in the same week.

Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement are most likely to accept being referred to, or referring to Blacks as, “African American” and celebrate Black History Month. But the same government and citizens that the movement demand hear them on the issue of justice for Blacks are the same government and citizens that duped them into believing Black lives matter on paper or in school text books.

Listen closely to elected officials toss around the term African American as if it were a Frisbee at the beach. But when Blacks asked these same politicians to address the issue of “Last one hired, first ones fired” or various other injustices in America, these same politicians respond by sticking their heads in the sand.

A movement to correct this scam might take ten years but must start today and through the ballot box.

In 1926, Historian Carter G. Woodson created —with good reason — “Negro History Week” later, “Black History Month”, when he was alarmed of the lack of Blacks recognized in American history. He correctly envisioned a day when America would no longer need to recognize the contributions of Blacks in American history at all.

However, Woodson’s well intentions and hope have been turned into Black people being treated like zoo animals, who do human-like things. And every February, Black and White America go on a field trip to the zoo.

When I learned of this historian’s hope, recently, it was a huge validation of what I had come to believe: Something is seriously wrong with America, if we as a nation have to highlight the fact that “Blacks” do good things. And this diversion must stop before Blacks can feel as though they really matter.

Adding insult to injury, after the death of Martin Luther King Jr., Black leaders at the time pushed for; with the help of a self-serving congress, the establishing of Blacks being referred to as “African American”, a term which was first published more than a hundred years prior.

Why do you use the term in referring to Blacks? “It’s always been that way.” “A sense of belonging.” “Roots!” All weak answers! The correct answer is closer to, “I was brainwashed.” That my friends, is why so many young Blacks today are led into the misguided belief coined: “#BLACKLIVESMATTER.”

Alicia Garza, the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement’s creator came up with the phrase after the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. If I was duped into believing that Black lives matter, that verdict ironically would have woke me up to the fact that Black lives do not matter.

But if Ms. Garza was taught to believe all that she learned in Black History Month or being referred to as African American, were signs of respect, she along with millions of others were also duped into believing that lie is any kind of respect.

Acknowledgement that most Blacks in this country are descendants of slaves, brought here against their will does not invoke a sense of pride for me. And many present day human rights atrocities, reported to be coming out of Africa, in no way causes me to shout, “I’m African American!”

Personally, I have never referred to another Black person as African American. Forgive me if that sounds as if I think I am better than those brainwashed into using this term is proper. I find the term offensive, condescending, patronizing and a kin to “White only.”

The term Whites only was a clear sign established by Whites in America to separate the two races. If I do not like to be separated from Whites, I certainly will have no desire to be separated from any Blacks, no matter where they were born.

Furthermore, as a homosexual, I am deeply concerned with the 95% of Africa reported to be opposed to homosexuality. Two-thirds of Africa have laws against homosexuality and some suggest this is due to “Western religious influence.”

Though I proudly call myself a Christian, I could not agree more with the pointing of fingers. America will say or do anything to get its hands on the minerals of Africa. And America choosing to turn its head, on obvious human rights violations of Africa is clear evidence that America, American corporations and the American Christian church helped set up these twisted laws of Africa.

When you refer to Blacks born in America as African American consider these facts:
1. 21st century South Africa: “Corrective rape”, where men rape a woman suspected of being lesbian, then, claim the attack will turn the woman straight, is overlooked.
2. 21st century Cameroon: a text message from one man to another man containing the words, “I love you.” Sent the sender to prison, where he died from lack of medical care for a hernia.
3. 21st century Nigeria: You can go to prison for up to 14 years for same-sex marriages.
4. 21st century Uganda: Ugandan president vetoed the so-called “Kill the gays” bill sent to him by the Ugandan Parliament, which demanded “Life in prison” for a same sex offense against a child of the same sex; but no such prison sentence for opposite gender sex with a child.

A descendent of African slaves, who preferred to be called African American, took strong exception to an African who recently became a U.S. citizen. The recent citizen also wanted to be referred to as African American. This is troubling and offers validity to the contents of the “Willie Lynch Letter” discovered in 1970.

Back in the early 1700s, British slave owner Willie Lynch, was said to have given a speech on how to control Black slaves by pitting one against another. The “Willie Lynch Letter” that contains the plan is in dispute. Many, including myself, believe the letter to be a “Hoax.”

Discovered in 1970, the letter which made Lynch famous has discrepancies. The year of the speech appears to have happened before Lynch was born. Nevertheless the letter does have a ring of truth, right down to the promise of controlling Blacks for at least 300 years.

Even if the letter was true, we can’t blame Willie Lynch for one Black to be against another Black, based on one man being born in America, and the other coming to America and wanting to be called African American after becoming a citizen. If the term African American was not reintroduced in the middle 1970s or 1980s, these two gentlemen might be working together to promote a stronger and more unified Black America.

Some have suggested a “Clever plot” by the U. S. government, to create a more docile Black man at the height of the Black power movement of the late 60s early 70s, was the impetus to justify the government policy of referring to all Blacks as African American in the early 80s.

Whatever the case, Black people in America are being played for fools, from the condescending government declaration to honor Blacks in the month of February, to the hollow respect of referring to Blacks as African American. And the fury (protest) coming from the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement is a reasonable response from people who just realized that they have been had…again.

If the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement wants to matter, they should follow the advice of Bobby Seale, former co-founder of the Black Panther Party. This educated man knows that the political process does work. And I am sure he would agree with me that, you can protest all day long, but it will not carry has much weight as a single vote. Not for or against a single candidate, but a vote that changes some of the many laws that are not only unjust but outdated.

If the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement were to have a goal to honor Carter G. Woodson’s hope to end the need by law, to celebrate Black History in America by the year 2026 (one hundredth anniversary) I would say that this is movement is headed in the right direction.

If the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement were also to consider the plight of oppressed homosexuals of Africa, by simply declaring that they will, in protest, not refer to themselves as African American, then I would say we will see the real beauty of Africa, which the Western world would rather keep as its big wealthy cash cow secret.

If not, then I predict that BLACK LIVES MATTER will go down as yet another damn scam, pulled over on American Blacks.

The simple fact that this movement refuses; due to ignorance, to help change laws by refusing to use the same tools that got us many of the laws that no longer work for Blacks, is like saying, “Voting does not matter.”

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