Don’t Blame Transgender, Blame SF City Hall for Killing the $1 Billion Chase Center Arena Project

(Updated January 7, 2018)

For decades, San Francisco; “Everybody’s favorite city”, has been hiding its racism under the cloak of “Diversity” and “Equality for all.” These two phrases were meant to include the LGBT community as part of everyday society.

But unfortunately, too many Black San Franciscans have experienced where these terms too often excluded members of the SF Black community.

This will change by June 2018 because of a ballot measure designed in-part, to remind SF City Hall, “A world-class city helps its neighbors; it does not help itself to its neighbor’s jewels.”

Exposing the political racism, which is the foundation of the Golden State Warriors new arena, Chase Center SF; currently under construction in the Mission Bay community of San Francisco will be key. And I thank God for the help He has provided.

This help includes a donation from one generous Oakland executive who put up $50,000.00 to collect the signatures of registered San Francisco voters who agree with the on how to, and how not to treat your neighbor.

The SF Department of Elections has certified the signatures on October 25, 2017, and the “Relocation of Professional Sports Teams”; as so named by the city attorney’s office, will be on the June 5, 2018 San Francisco ballot.

I often refer to the ballot measure as my “toolbox” because the tools for the campaign (proof that San Francisco is unfit to be home to any NBA franchise) were ironically manufactured by SF City Hall led conduct. These tools will be used to expose and then demolish a good portion of the political racism perpetrated by City leader’s for decades.

One after another, voter and political leader will choose, SF Blacks better opportunity or racism as continued City policy.

And since racism is the foundation on which the Warriors SF arena was built, the arena cannot stand on such a foundation if San Francisco is truely a world class city.

I must also thank National Basketball Association’s commissioner Adam Silver for providing precedence ie other demolition tools.

Commissioner Silver forced the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling to sell his team due to an embarrassing taped private conversation that came to light. On the tape, among other racist remarks; Sterling told his girlfriend not to bring Black people to the Staple Center arena where the LA Clippers shared it as home court with the LA Lakers.

In addition, Commissioner Silver made a bold statement when he denied the state of North Carolina the right to host the 2017 NBA All Star game, which was to be held in Charlotte. The state’s treatment of the transgender community was viewed by Silver as being discriminatory towards members of the transgender community.

Some campaign tools:

1. White Transgender woman, Samantha Hulsey calls a Black man a nigger, FIRST. But the Black man and his fiancé were arrested on a “hate crime” charge and convicted for using the word fag in the ensuing fight. (the Black man pled guilty to a hate crime against the advice of counsel, just to be released from custody) When the Black man and his fiancé tried to take back a sham of a plea deal, the court rejected it and sent the Black man, Dewayne Kemp, to jail for nine months.

2. White transgender woman who headed the SF Human Rights Commission, Theresa Sparks was sued by a Black staffer who she discriminated against. The settlement document of that lawsuit, $210,000.00.

3. Three years later this same transgender woman, Theresa Sparks was promoted within city government by the late SF Mayor Ed Lee, to head a newly created position dealing with discrimination against transgender, coincidently just three weeks before the Warriors expected win (July 2016) in court, which paved the way for the Warriors SF Mission Bay arena.

SF City Hall and the SF Hall of Justice used its political racist power to hand the SF transgender community a victory at the expense of the SF Black community. These two outrageous acts against those of the SF Black community are not the only reasons San Francisco is unfit to be home of any NBA franchise.

Not only will the voters of San Francisco reject such treatment against a segment of The City but NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will have to answer to Donald Sterling and the state of North Carolina if he continues to support the Warriors move to San Francisco.

The people of San Francisco, NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the CEO of JP Morgan chase; who’s bank agreed to pay the Warriors over $200 million for the naming rights on the arena will not overlook or sweep under the rug these acts of blatant discrimination and other egregious acts of pandering and political racism by SF City Hall and the SF Hall of Justice just to move eleven miles to greener racist grass.

If the governing leadership of San Francisco thinks its okay to treat its own Black citizens with such disregard or indifference, so be it. But it will not be allowed to get away with similar disregard and indifference against its neighbors of Oakland, CA; be they Black or White.

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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