Follow the Bouncing ball of San Francisco Hypocrisy and Racism towards Oakland, CA

San Francisco City Hall

SF/City Hall and SF print media (SF Chronicle and SF Examiner) racism against Black communities is the real reason SF opposes Raiders playing one season in San Francisco.

I am the author of a June 2018 ballot measure titled, "Relocation of Professional Sports Teams" aka Proposition I. Why would a longtime San Franciscan (1960) write such a ballot measure?

Answer: San Francisco is racist and should not be rewarded for its racism with a professional basketball team. But the measure was worded to prevent this from happening again. And even though the Oakland Raiders were seeking a one year deal to play in San Francisco at Oracle Park, the 500 word ballot measure would have covered this issue if passed as a policy by SF voters.

How can a city government be so gung-ho about TAKING the Warriors from our neighbor Oakland and be so opposed to allowing the Oakland Raiders from coming here for one season? The answer is found in the two different types of East Bay fans. Oakland Raiders fans are viewed as a negative reflection of Oakland, whereas the Warriors fans are not.

Supervisor Aaron Peskin says SF is "done ripping off Oakland" and referred to Oakland as "our friends."

SF Supervisor Aaron Peskin

But this same SF supervisor also voted "No" to Proposition I (an apology to Oakland for how The City has treated its neighbor, Oakland)

How can Supervisor Hillary Ronen call Oakland our "sister city" and not oppose the Warriors attempting to skip out on paying a $40 million debt to our sister city? Do I need to mention the debt the Raiders are trying to stick Oakland with upon their exit? Those two issues were covered in her opostion to Prop. I. Meaning she did not care then but now Oakland is our sister? Give me a break!

SF Supervisor Hillary Ronen

In the endorsement editions of the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner we can see their position on apologizing to Oakland. The Chronicle recommended a "No" vote. While the SF Examiner took a no position that many would view as sarcastic in reading their explanation.

But the real question of why the main SF print news will not cover this story is because they would have to confess that they are accomplice in San Francisco racism and hypocrisy against the Black communities of San Francisco and Oakland.

SF Chronicle/SF Examiner “Endorsement” recommendations for June 5, 2018 SF election

I have no desire to help Mark Davis and his Raiders out of his petty retaliation against the city of Oakland. However, San Francisco should honor the will of the SF voters and allow the Raiders to do business in San Francisco. Or at least admit it does not understand the purpose of an apology.

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