Hold the phone on this “United States of Hypocrisy” claim.

I admit that when I first heard/read the story of the Rio robbery, I believed the swimmer’s version. However, I didn’t believe Ryan Lochte because of the color of his skin, I believed him because I thought the government officials were untrustworthy.

Do you know of the political c’hit that is going on in Brazil today with its democratically elected president and why she is in hot water with that country’s corrupt politicians? Never mind the crime and poverty in the country.

Once I heard the Brazilian police had video of the incident I then quickly remembered that it was not Ryan Lochte, but his mother who FIRST sounded the alarm.

Then I said to myself, sonny boy was not being forthright to his mother. In other words, it was actually the cries of a concerned mother I believed. And I believe most of America heard her version FIRST, also.

And remember, these swimmers did not go to the police to report a robbery. The police sought them out in a fact finding mission. And what did they find? Basically, a son told his mother a fib and they (the host country) were not the bad guys.

Now that’s new, a son lying to mom especially omitting the fact that he/they was drunk.

I beg all who agree with “The United States of Hypocrisy” to consider this:

We have all blown this whole story out of place. A mother was just being a mother when she told the world what she believed from her angel. And there is no ole saying of, White boys will be White boys. As immature as this event was, BOYS will still be BOYS. And moms will be moms.

My friends, this story had nothing to do with “White privilege.” It was a son trying to cover up for a lie that he told to his mother.

As much as I love to play the race card, in fact, I am a racism sniffing dog but I say race had nothing to do with this snowball lie, told to a mother over the phone.

So, I say again, hold the phone if you think you are going to get away with saying this is American hypocrisy with made up facts. And for those of you who woke up late and did not know that America did not sin when it believed a horrifying tale told to a mother, which turned out to be a lie, at the very least don’t repeat this story as a White privilege issue because that would be a bigger lie then what got this Gold medal winning swimmer in over his head.

And shame on Medium staff for recommending this c’hit of a juxtaposition.

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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