I am an ashamed kind of Black. Ashamed to respond to this silly question of “What kind of Black are you.”

But since I can’t resist:

First, I must say that someone showed me the title of a book and it was so ridiculous of a title, I bought and read the 344 page book. The title: “What is wrong with being Black?” It was the greatest book I have read and I recommend that all Blacks find a copy, read it and follow the author’s MAIN recommendation.

I am a, hates the term “African American” kind of Black.

To me, the term African American is a kin to “Whites only” signs of decades ago in America… Back then Whites wanted to be separated from Blacks but I do not want to be separated from any of my Black brothers and sisters who are not American. I also view the term to be political correctness run amok. If I want to be reminded of where I come from, all I have to do is look at the back of my hand or look in a mirror. This nonsense of “sense of belonging” is also silly. And quite frankly, based on the evidence, all life originated from Africa so what’s the big deal? What, Blacks are so dumb that we don’t know where we originated?

I am also a homosexual kind of Black. Now for those of you who insist on referring to me as African American, consider the fact that more than two-thirds of the continent of Africa have laws making homosexuality a crime; including making it a capital offense…death penalty. So why would I want to identify with being from a place that oppresses homosexuals? I’d rather be called a fag all day long in America then be hung once in the wrong part(s) of Africa.

I am not proud to be Black, because I had no choice. HOLD ON! But if I had a choice, I would proudly choose Black. That said, I am proud to represent the Black race. It is a challenge that I thank God for and I hope He knows how grateful I am to represent an often oppressed people with a smile, believe it or not.

I am a greatly disappointed kind of Black of my generation of Blacks who carelessly dropped the baton that was handed to us from the Blacks of the civil rights era in America.

I am a determined kind of Black who is determined to make America a better place then when I first arrived here at birth.

Oh and finally, I am the kind of Black that proudly but respectfully uses the term nigga or nigger. My sister hates it so I don’t use either in her presence but I do use it with friends. And I call myself a nigga.

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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