As a homosexual it might seem strange but I support ADF, the Larsons and their business Telescope Media in this lawsuit.

I am also a Christian who believes in the Bible. And I claim God told me to search the scriptures for wisdom and leave the old biblical customs to others.

If Telescope Media were faced with members of the Ku Klux Klan wanted them to do a wedding for Klan members and the Larsons refused, who, but the Klan would complain?

I believe too many in society are hiding their objections to others behind their interpretation of the Bible or religion. But since we have all twist scriptures and religion to mean or say whatever, its only natural we do the same with laws we make or choose to establish.

We all need to get a life. By that I mean start your own wedding documentation service for LGBT. And if you include heterosexual couples you just might put Telescope Media out of business or open their eyes to Romans 13: 1–4 which I interpret to mean, God supports same-sex marriage. And quite frankly, I will never have anything to do with same-sex nuptials.

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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