It is amazing how easily people feel slighted if they, or their kind are not included. Don’t get me wrong, #Oscarsowhite was a perfect response to what the Oscars had become over the years.

That said, maybe filmmaker Raoul Peck did not know enough about that portion of Baldwin’s life to include it. And the title suggested to me what part of Baldwin’s life Peck was highlighting.

Spike Lee only wiffed on the subject of Malcolm X sexual wanderings in the movie he made about this icon. And I thought it was wrong because it was suppose to be a biography. Granted, Lee may not have lived if he told too much. Did leaving out the fact that Malcolm X was a male prostitute take away from the movie? I don’t think so. (Disclaimer: I did not see the movie Malcolm X)

I am a Black homosexual who couldn’t care less about James Baldwin’s sex life. And if the man was a heterosexual virgin, he was still inspiring.

If the movie was titled, “I am not your queer” only then should you expect Peck to tell that part of his life. And really, who does not know that James Baldwin was a homosexual?

And for the record, J Edgar Hoover!!? Research who he is buried next to. History tells the story of some shameful fags. I don’t see you wanting to hightlight their stories.

I refuse to pledge allegiance to the rainbow flag and you might find that shameful. But actually its just an admission, being a homosexual ain’t all that.

And another thing: The word gay is presumptuous. It is suppose to infer a person is proud and happy with being homosexual. Not all are happy, and personally, I am proud that I love everyone, not that I love men. To say I love men takes no real effort. To love everyone takes real work. And I am proud to say I put in the time, with a lot of help from Jesus.

UPDATE: So the critically acclaimed movie “Moonlight” won Best Picture. Is that not the progress you want at the Oscars, where a film about something so identifiable to your makeup won best picture?

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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