Open Letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Dear Commissioner Adam Silver,

I am fully aware of your expressed support for the proposed new arena for the Golden State Warriors to be built in San Francisco. I am also sure you will find my allegations hard to believe at FIRST glance.

I must begin what I have to say by acknowledging, I know how serious it is to call anyone a name, especially calling anyone, racist. I fully understand the laws against slander and if that’s not enough, I was once called a “Crippled, nigger, faggot.”

This crude statement is worse, when you consider, I have never been able to walk. I am a Black man. And I am also a homosexual. So, though it is possible, it is not likely I would just hurl hurtful statements at anyone.

That being said, I am requesting the NBA look into my allegations of San Francisco City Hall for condoning racism, in such an egregious manner that the NBA should prevent the Golden State Warriors from relocating from Oakland to San Francisco on the bases of SF being an unfit home for any NBA franchise if my allegations can be substantiated.

The heads of the two city agencies that I will use for evidence are the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department. Both heads serve at the pleasure of current SF mayor Ed Lee but upon request, I will gladly supply more evidence as to prove these two agencies are not exceptions to the rule.

The San Francisco Human Rights Commission (SFHRC) was first formed in 1964 to fight discrimination against mainly Black residence of the City. Today its executive director is a White woman who was sued along with the city by a Black staffer of the agency. The two links I provide are, the published accusation and the settlement of $210,000.00.

UPDATED: January 6, 2017

This person, Theresa Sparks is still supported by Mayor Ed Lee in her new position as Senior Advisor Transgender Initiatives to Mayor Ed Lee for the newly formed coalition, “Mayors Against Discrimination” (MAD) which was created in June 2016, specifically to fight discrimination against members of the LGBTQ communities of this country. I find this promotion a total disrespect to all who have been greatly harmed by discrimination. The reprehensible move to not only promote a person with strong discriminating/racist tendencies but to make them a senior advisor in dealing with discrimination alone, should disqualify San Francisco as a home for an NBA franchise.

San Francisco has 220 parks and has between 900 and 1500 employees. An estimated 600 are part time employees for summer activities. The general manager is Phil Ginsberg for all of these parks and he reports directly to Mayor Ed Lee his boss.

I am the author of this published article of a Black man, Byron Gill took the city to court for how he was treated while working for the SF Recreation and Parks Department. After it was published, I received several calls from current and former Black employees telling me stories that were too many to report. But they all had a similar message.

If the NBA is interested in my claims it should be noted, I have documented such claims on a website before the Warriors were sold and made plans to move across the bay. I am also a Warrior fan.

I hope my concerns will be taken seriously. I know I will not be able to continue being a fan if the city of San Francisco is allowed; with the NBA to ignore an issue that I view as serious as the handling of the Donald Sterling saga as well as the issue of the 2017 All Star game being removed from the state of North Carolina because of the “Climate” the NBA claims HB2 has caused.

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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