NBA chose Money over Morals Again

Coincidentally on the same day Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey took a shot at China 10/4/19, in a since deleted tweet, which was heard around the world, I was taping my reasons for no longer watching NBA games.

My weekly San Francisco public access TV program (aired 10/5/19) episode and titled, “5…4…3…2…1…”, I was counting down to never watching another NBA game before the start of the Golden State Warriors first pre-season game of the 2019–20 season.

My reason was simple, I witnessed too much racism and hypocrisy by the league for me to enjoy professional basketball. But, the since deleted tweet by the Rockets GM, which criticized the government of China in its crackdown on Hong Kong suggests to me, I was right on time.

The NBA stood up to a government concerning transgenders. The NBA stood up to an 80-year-old racist. If China was an 80-year-old transgender, then and only then should one expect the NBA would find its spine.

The “More clear” statement by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr and another outspoken NBA coach added insult to injury to America’s “Freedom of speech.”

Daryl Morey’s first tweet which has since been deleted was proper. Then Morey turned into a coward, in my opinion with these follow up tweets.

The NBA chose, money when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made his statement.

For me, I chose morals/integrity. I will never turn my back on freedom of speech especially when the alternative is ignore morals and integrity just because I love sports. I spelled out my issues with the NBA on my website,

But the actions by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, dancing around the subject of free speech, while kicking morals aside like the Chinese government kicking the Hong Kong protesters was repugnant as well as embarrassing.

I admit I will miss watching the NBA and especially my favorite players on the court. But the racism and hypocrisy of the NBA under Adam Silver’s leadership makes it easier to deal with.

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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