Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. The only thing I love more than justice is the freedom to fight for it.

It is being reported that the Santa Clara police union is threatening to boycott working 49er games if the team does not silence (my word) Kaepernick as an employee. Levi Stadium home of the San Francisco 49ers is located 35 miles south of San Francisco in Santa Clara, CA.

To me, this threat by law enforcement is police brutality by intimidation. And police brutality is what Kaepernick is fighting against. And again, I love the freedom to fight for justice.

This reprehensible behavior on the part of police is using their badges for brains and this arrogance will cause more to stand or kneel with Colin Kaepernick.

This young man has too much heart to be kicked off the team, therefore, for those who will be attending 49er home games in that stadium, police yourselves more than you already do.

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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