Samaria Rice, reading your reasons of why you will not endorse any of the candidates running for president is heart-felt. But I must respectfully disagree in part. I too do not and will not vote for any of the people running for president in this Election year 2016.

However, I have a saying: Apathy is the greatest sin committed against democracy. And another saying I have coined: The only thing I love more than justice is the freedom to fight for it. These two saying keep me fighting for what I know is right. Just because I do not see a president worth supporting in the 2016 Election, I continue to write, in hopes of changing many of the outdated laws that allow injustice to continue with impunity.

There was a lot of injustice that was revealed in the movie SELMA but they got the job done for many Blacks. And I hope you would consider a fight to change laws AND hearts.

A college professor commented on a bad law in California that was passed with the help of the father of a young girl who was robbed and killed. The professor said about our Three Strikes law: “Grieving fathers should not be making laws.”

At the time, I agreed with the professors opinion. Then I saw a segment on the well respected “60 Minutes” program in the year 2000. It was titled: “The Amy Biehl Story.” This young girl was murdered in 1993. And how her parents handled the murder was a story of hope for humanity.

The Black Lives Matter movement has a similar stance to yours, which causes me great alarm. They too, do not believe that change will come at the ballot box though that did not stop them from protesting at Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders rallies in the same week. I disagree with this belief. Voting is the first place change will happen and that does not mean one has to support any particular candidate.

The parents of Amy Biehl helped thousands of Blacks (including two of the killers of their daughter) get educated and jobs because four Black teenage boys killed their White daughter in South Africa. Ironically, it was a government program that made it all possible.

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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