San Francisco Voters get to Condemn or Condone City Hall’s Metaphorical Hate Crime against the Black Community of Oakland, CA with Proposition I

As a resident of San Francisco since 1960, I’ve seen more than enough of San Francisco City Hall’s cowardice, hypocrisy, indifference toward its Black communities and brazen City Hall racism.

San Francisco City Hall

Now, I see where SF City Hall is doing the same to our neighbor Oakland, CA with how city officials orchestrated the new arena for the Golden State Warriors, Chase Center in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco.

I will always love San Francisco, but for decades its politics have been a metaphorical hate crime against its Black citizens. Proposition I, “Relocation of Professional Sports Teams” is intended to expose this evil through the democratic process. But top SF Democrats are intent on condoning this evil with their unanimous cover up vote “No’ recommendation of the measure during a March 29, 2018 committee meeting.

Photo: Tim Redmond 48 Hills March 29, 2018

SF Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC), the governing body of the local Democratic party pulled a fast one over two of the party’s top SF Democrats, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi to sign on to their unanimous (30 top SF democrats) vote “No” recommendation for Proposition I. Exhibit A that a cover up is the plan to defeat Prop. I, is the final vote tally But will it work?

Chase Center, is the result of political greed, manipulating documents and the, support the arena or else, threat made by the late Mayor Ed Lee to the arena’s closest neighbor; the new UCSF Medical Center and Children’s Hospital who organically opposed the arena project. Without these underhanded dealings, the Golden State Warriors 18,000-seat arena project would never have been approved for construction anywhere there is dirt in San Francisco — and especially feet away from a hospital in the Mission Bay neighborhood.

Adding insult to injury, the Warriors are suing the City of Oakland to avoid paying a $40 Million debt owed for renovations on Oracle arena. Arbitration is scheduled for July/August 2018. Ceasing to pay on this debt six years before the end of their Oracle bond agreement with the excuse the team will not be using Oracle beginning 2019 would result in a major reduction of needed public services for Oakland including for: education, healthcare, homelessness, and public safety.

A 2016 study by San Francisco State professor Philip G King determined, Oakland could lose 805 jobs and as much as $87 million a year in economic energy when the Warriors move 11 miles across the bay. He said his estimate, “might have been low.”

I wrote Proposition I, as a fed-up sports fan, to shed light on the ugly side of professional sports and the uglier side of SF politics. Many of the tasteless tactics/tools of greed, indifference and racism used to help the Warriors build a new arena in San Francisco are documented on my website:

How did SF City Hall succeed with orchestrating a new SF arena for the Warriors? First, SF City Hall and its associates went to work by greasing and polishing the rusty tools with an un-holy or covetous spirit. Sprinkled in enough deceit to trick gullible White San Franciscans into believing most of The City was supportive, and assumed; based on the stereo type, “Black on Black crime”, all Black San Franciscans would be okay with stealing from a Black community of Oakland.

They might have gotten away with their scheme scot-free, if it were not for the fact, I was paying attention. This is the same City Hall that sold out the Black community of Bayview Hunters Point for a mere $1 million to the owners of the San Francisco 49ers who took a $1.3 billion stadium project out of San Francisco. Now, they intend to get away with taking a billion-dollar arena project from an Oakland neighborhood?

I collected and turned in to the SF Department of Elections 14766 signatures; from mostly White San Franciscans for a ballot measure I called, “Thou shall not Covet”, which has been certified and designated, Proposition I. On average, two thousand people a week signed the 500-word petition that ends with: take a stand against any sports team ownership group attempting to avoid payment of an outstanding public debt.

The measure does not stop the project, it condemns it. And if San Francisco voters agree with my position, it will then trigger a phase 2, if you will, to remind SF City Hall what it means to be a real San Franciscan or a world-class city. “A world-class city helps its neighbors, it does not help itself to its neighbor’s jewels.”

Proposition “I” — would adopt a Policy; a guiding principle, that: San Francisco will not invite, entice, encourage, cajole or condone the relocation of any professional sports team that has previously established itself in another city and has demonstrated clear and convincing support from community and fans for at least 20 years and is profitable.

This measure would also adopt a policy that the City take a stand against any sports team ownership group attempting to avoid payment of an outstanding public debt.

Per the SF Elections Department — A “YES” Vote Means: If you vote “yes,” you want to make it City policy not to encourage professional sports teams from other cities to move to San Francisco and to take a stand against any sports team ownership group attempting to avoid payment of an outstanding public debt.

Per the SF Elections Department — A “NO” Vote Means: If you vote “no,” you do not want to adopt these City policies.

As well:

A “Yes” vote on Proposition I will send a clear message to team owners that San Franciscans are fed up with owners of professional sports teams who disrespect loyal fans with impunity. The current ownership group purchase the NBA franchise for $450 million in 2010. Seven years later it was valued at $2.6 billion. Now the owners have no more use for the Black community where this all took place. Never mind the tasteless act of moving 11 miles and its attempt to stiff that same community for a $40 million debt.

A “Yes” vote on Proposition I will send a clear message to SF City Hall that San Franciscans want no part of a covetous, greedy and hypocritical form of governance. This includes knowledge of a San Francisco tourism industry of $10 billion annually compared with an $800 million annual tourism for Oakland and City Hall seeing nothing wrong with grabbing more, when The City has so much already. And beginning in 1981, and still going strong, the AIDS crisis is being fought and won with UCSF leading the fight. And it is a reprehensible act to threaten UCSF for not being on board with a basketball arena.

A “Yes” vote on Proposition I condemns the DCCC’s leading SF democrats for their lack of leadership in standing against professional sports greed but instead, aligning itself with outrageous conduct.

As well:

A ‘No’ vote signals continued support for sports team owners’ indifference towards loyal fans and communities.

The use of top SF Democrats, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein and U.S House of Representatives minority leader, Nancy Pelosi to hide this covetous evil against a Black community is a clear sign of desperation by the DCCC. But it will be up to the voters of San Francisco who will decide if they condone or condemn what appears to be a hate crime.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Dianne Feinstein

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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