Wanted: Angelic Troublemakers needed to defeat Racism with Social Media

UPDATE: 9/13/18 Unbelievable story of actions, by a Dallas FOX news station, should be read before reading my essay below.

An enlightening and inspiring 2002 documentary, “Brother Outsider — The life of Bayard Rustin”, best described my activism of the last 25 years, when Rustin said in a 1960s call for action, “We need in every community a group of Angelic Troublemakers…”

My experience dealing with racism convinces me, just as there was a time when mainstream media helped to push back racism in America, social media will have a more lasting impact if today’s activist use this 21st century tool correctly.

Racism will never be eliminated but it can be defeated.

There is no denying that President Donald Trump has energized Americans who hold strong racist views using social media. Likewise, former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is relying on social media to keep his believers up to speed on everything “Know Your Rights Camp” related and his collusion suit against the NFL.

Many sports journalists are upset with Kaepernick for not speaking with the mainstream press; I would argue for good reason.

Look at how twisted his message of police brutality against Black and Brown people was used in the hands of the mainstream press. There is no such twisting of his message on Kaepernick’s twitter, Instagram or “Know Your Rights Camp” and Kaepernick7.com website.

The once reliable mainstream media is now used to fan the flames of racism with its unquenchable thirst to report on every racist act by President Trump. Sure, the fact that President Trump is showing clear signs of, not fit for office, should be reported. But the last thing anyone should do to someone on the edge is push them over it.

The Washington Post partnered with 70 news organizations against the president for his claims of, “Fake news.” Pointing out the President of the United States is a racist is along with his fake news rants, a waste of ink. It only reminds other racists, they too can become POTUS at the most or they have something in common with our elected leader.

Nike’s business decision to hook up if you will, with Colin Kaepernick was nothing less than brilliant. And though I personally believe Nike, Kaepernick & company nailed it with their first commercial in their new campaign, no corporation holds the secret to ending racism. So, let’s not get carried away with a victory dance for social justice. This is just good business, period.

Will racism be defeated because Nike capitalized on the fight between White owners of NFL teams and a former Black NFL player?

The NFL is smarting from the recent arbiter’s ruling that for the meantime went in Kaepernick’s favor in his lawsuit against the NFL.

Nike and Kaepernick were planning for quite some time. And surely when Nike’s deal with the NFL has expired in the year 2028, these owners will remember Nike’s 30th anniversary campaign.

The NFL could wait ten years. If they felt Nike stabbed them in the back by hooking up with Kaepernick, and the QB turned activist prevails in his collusion suit, I’m sure the NFL will use it to settle a score with a near $2 billion tit-for-tat, if you will.

Both President Trump and Colin Kaepernick do not trust mainstream media. They both energize their respective bases using social media. And polls point to them both when measuring how divided America is in 2018. These truths remind us all, the biblical warning: A house divided cannot stand. (Matthew 12: 25)

Bringing the house (America) together will not happen if those who know how to use social media best, make the same mistake that the mainstream media made. Forgetting how important this tool is to fixing what is clearly wrong.

Today’s Angelic Troublemakers does not need to protest in the streets, march to the steps of City Hall, the State Capital or to the White House to defeat racism. They only need to use social media truthfully and passionately.

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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