Golden State Warriors will Not be Moving to San Francisco!!

Measure for June 2018 Election Pledges Not to Entice Teams to Leave Their Loyal Fans -

San Francisco, CA October 18, 2017- The Good Neighbor Coalition, today announced that it has turned in 14,766 signatures to the San Francisco Elections Department for a June 2018 ballot measure that gives San Franciscans a voice on the relocation of professional sports teams.

This ballot measure is a stern rebuke of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and City Hall for their roles in enabling and encouraging the Golden State Warriors to abandon their four-decade Oakland home for a new arena in San Francisco, said Good Neighbor Coalition Founder Allen Jones. “The measure calls out San Francisco city leaders for their political tactics; including the mayor’s threat to the entire medical community of UCSF to get in line or else, and shameless promotion of an arena as the Mayor’s ˜Legacy project’ to justify actions that are beneath the dignity of a world class city.”

The ballot measure is a “Declaration of Policy”, a statement of vision; though non-binding, signaling that San Franciscans do not wish to be a part of taking any pro sports team with deep roots in another community, especially from one’s neighbors. The Good Neighbor Coalition is a Bay Area group committed to promoting greater respect for communities and loyal fans by professional sports team owners and local governments.

San Francisco voter guidelines state that 9,520 valid signatures are required for this “Relocation of Professional Sports Teams” measure to qualify for the ballot.

While proponents of the measure believe there are instances where a sports teams relocation is positive, in this instance, like others, there is no upside. The community of Oakland would lose one of its major and irreplaceable assets and the arena is being constructed across from a top public-serving health center, expected to interfere with patient access and medical research.

The Coalition’s goal is to put in place a Policy that declares San Franciscans will not endorse the relocation of a profitable pro sports team with an extensive history in another location. It is the Coalition’s hope that other municipalities also reject the temptation to covet for gain at the expense of loyal sports fans and communities.

“A world class city helps its neighbors; it does not help itself to its neighbor’s jewels”, Jones said.

The coalition believes these acts by City leaders will be overwhelmingly condemned as a “private business deal” for one politician and team owners at the expense of two communities; Oakland, and Mission Bay, San Francisco.

The measure advances:

We the People of the City and County of San Francisco California will not invite, entice, encourage, cajole or condone the relocation of any professional sports team that has previously established itself in another municipality and has demonstrated clear and convincing support from community and fans for at least twenty years and is profitable. And we stand against any sport team ownership group that attempts to avoid payment of an outstanding public debt. Instead of looking for an opportunity to take from our neighbors we wish to fully support each other and the entire Bay Area.

The Elections Department will now undertake validating the signatures collected, within 30 days there will be a report from the Department.

If qualified, the Declaration of Policy will be available on the June 2018 ballot.

The Good Neighbor Coalition was created by Allen Jones, a San Francisco resident since 1960 and a Warriors basketball fan since 1975. The Coalition is supported by citizens in Oakland/East Bay and San Francisco committed to promoting greater respect for communities and for fans by all professional sports and by politicians.

The Good Neighbor Coalition is a non-profit 501c4.
Please visit us at:

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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