When I originally said I hate arrogance and racism YOU translated it into I “hate cops.” Again, I hate arrogance and racism. That means if you are a school janitor, cop or POTUS but not the person, the trait.

No law enforcement has done enough wrong to me for me to hate. In fact, no human has, period.

Why did BLM single out Chicago? Answer: It didn’t. And for their former top cop to point the finger at BLM I say shame on him and you for being so simple as to accept it as fact.

Have you been to Beattyville Kentucky? 98% White and 57% unemployment. Do the math. Or better yet look up its crime distinction.

You seem to have all the answers for what is wrong with the Black communities of America. How much time do you spend in them verses watching TV or reading?

Are you aware of a California trauma room doctor (hispanic) who was a former gang member? Are you aware of a former professional rapper who now a lawyer for the Golden State Warriors who handles complex contracts for the team? Answer: No!

Why? Because you only know what White America wants to brag about. Take off the blinders or at least admit, Blacks didn’t get in the position they are in because they are “lazy.”

1983 to 1993 Bible Study teacher at SF juvenile hall. Currently prison reform activist and author of Case Game - Activating the Activist; an autobiography.

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